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Every single model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup is known for incredible performance and upscale features that deliver the best in the business, but what if you could take the Mercedes-Benz style and power to the next level? You can with Brabus, an aftermarket upfitting and restoration brand. Whether you want to restore a Mercedes-Benz classic model to its glory or help a newer Mercedes-Benz model reach its supercar potential, Brabus can get you there and help you make the most of your journey ahead. Discover more about this brand and its capabilities below.

What is Brabus?

Brabus is an aftermarket upfitting and restoration brand that can take your Mercedes-Benz to new heights. Whether you need help upgrading your vehicle or repairing it, our team is well-versed in all things Brabus! Founded in Germany, Brabus has been creating supercars and upfitting Mercedes-Benz vehicles with unique style and performance features for over 40 years. We look forward to showing you the power of Brabus today.

Mercedes-Benz Brabus Upfits

If you’re refining a newer model with Brabus, you’ll find it enhances the style, safety, and exclusivity of your vehicle — but that’s not all. You can enjoy performance upgrades that can make your Mercedes-Benz the fastest in its category, like the infamous 900-hp Brabus Rocket, which is based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan. Along with this performance boost, choose from rare wood trims, buttery soft leather in over 3,500 colors, and more to create the vehicle of your dreams. Why not make every experience behind the wheel a moment of enjoyment? Call our team today to learn about our Brabus Upfit options.

Mercedes-Benz Brabus Restoration

Go back in time and experience what it was like when your Mercedes-Benz was fresh from the line with Brabus 6-Star Restoration. In the beginning, the base vehicle is completely disassembled and every part is inspected and indexed. Any missing, worn out, or damaged components are replaced by genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Parts that are in good condition are then reconditioned to like-new by a specialist. Why would you want anything less? Call Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania Mercedes-Benz to learn just how easy it can be to go through a Mercedes-Benz Brabus restoration!


Brabus vs. AMG®

What is the difference between Brabus performance vs. Mercedes-Benz AMG®? While both deliver plenty of upscale features and heart-pounding performance, they are very different. For starters, AMG® is the racing-inspired Mercedes-Benz performance line, while Brabus offers aftermarket tuning and restoration. This means AMG® models can be easily purchased from your local Mercedes-Benz dealership, while new Brabus models are a rarer find — but you can get both at Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania! We dare you to experience the difference between these two models with a test drive from our local Sylvania, Ohio Mercedes-Benz dealership, just outside of Toledo and Perrysburg!

Elevate Your Driving Experience near Toledo, OH

From our Brabus models to our stock of premium Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania has what you need to change your Perrysburg or Sylvania drive for good. Get in touch with the associates at Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania to learn more about Brabus, or other exciting Mercedes-Benz options today! We can’t wait to show you the experience that Brabus delivers!

Brabus at Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania Mercedes-Benz

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