Retain Your Car’s Value With Luxury Car Care

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How to wash a Mercedes-Benz

If you own an expensive high-end vehicle, you already know that it needs to be treated differently than just any old car. Luxury car care requires time, money, and attention to detail, but it’s worth it in the long run to maintain the value of your vehicle.

Extreme TLC

When you own a luxury vehicle, everything is done at a higher level, from filling it up with gas, to service and detailing. You’ll most likely need to use premium gasoline, and routine maintenance is of the utmost importance. Getting it serviced regularly, whether you drive it frequently or not, will keep the fluids stable and engine lubricated. Parking far away from other vehicles and utilizing a bumper protector can help you avoid dings and scratches. And, if you don’t use your vehicle for everyday driving, you might want to consider a transport service if you need to move it.

How to Detail Your Car

You can use a service, but you can also handle some detailing yourself, which is part of the enjoyment of owning a high-end vehicle. Experts recommend the following tips for working on luxury cars:

  • Clay Bar. A clay bar is invaluable for removing tiny particles of dust and contaminants from your luxury car’s exterior. Using one will help avoid getting tiny scratches on your paint.
  • Polish and Wax. Specialty tools are available for polishing and waxing your car’s finish. Look for ingredients like Italian viscose fibers and microfiber materials for buffing and shining.
  • Interior Care. Taking care of your vehicle’s interior is another vital element to protecting it and making it last. Be sure to use cleaning products designed especially for high-end leather upholstery, microfiber cloths, and soft brushes.
Hand Wiping Car
Brushing Car Seat

Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania Detailing Service

At Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania, we understand exactly what it takes to take care of and protect luxury vehicles. We provide all levels of car washing and detailing, and if you live in Toledo, Maumee, or Perrysburg, we’re conveniently located for you in Sylvania. It’s easy to make an appointment online, so contact us today!

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